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Mobile Platform to Aggregate, Organize and Share Medical Records

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I am having fun staying healthy and earning rewards for sharing my healthcare data for medical research!

Wellness for Me and My Family

I can now keep up with my family's and my annual wellness exam schedules. Tracking dynamic measures of health via My Health Index (MHI), is a fun way to promote wellness for my entire family.

Developed by Physicians

Health Wizz is developed by a dedicated team of Physicians, Software engineers and developers with an individual or patient in mind. Health Wizz even locates physicians based on specialty and where I live.

Medical Records, Organized

Download health data from various sources, including wearables, lab reports, and doctor and hospital visits. Sync other fitness and health apps for an even more comprehensive record of my health data - all in one place.

Make it Fun!

Organize health related challenges. Invite family, friends and co-workers to fitness challenges. Even earn rewards and HealthCoins.

Share Healthcare Data

Share healthcare records with physicians, personal trainer, or for research. Provide access to my data on my terms and get HealthCoins for sharing data.

Complete Privacy

My health data is secure and private. Health Wizz does not share my data with anyone. Period. I have complete control over who gets to see what part of my data.

I am making "healthy" my lifestyle.

Upload / Download

Upload and download health data with ease. Exchange data for health tokens

Design health related challenges

Create my own challenges and invite friends and family to the competition

Easily track progress

Keep and track goals, and earn rewards as I progress

Participate in Clinical Research

Find clinical trials. Become a participant with health records including genetic information. Actively engage in the forefront of research such as Precision Medicine. Get early access to leading edge cures. Help advance healthcare.

Everything at my fingertips

Health Wizz allows me to take control of my wellness & medical records at the touch of a finger.

Connect with Hospitals and Doctors' Offices and download your data
Never pay for transferring your records from one provider to another
Complete privacy and security
Connect to my favorite devices, apps, and with healthcare providers

About Us

What we are about is that every individual on the planet carry a complete copy of their medical records and genetic information on their mobile phones. They have a longitudinal history of all their health data – from birth to present - in one place – on their phones – essentially carrying a copy of their digital quantified self wherever they go. Imagine the implications of this:

  • If you are traveling somewhere and need medical care all your data is available instantly on your phone!
  • Pharmaceutical companies can design precision medicine for you!
  • If the hospital you are at is undergoing a ransomware attack, you can still get care because all your medical records are with you - readily accessible!
  • You can donate or sell your health records, or participate in clinical studies to advance the development of life saving drugs - all because it’s your choice and it’s all under your control!

Founding Team

Raj Sharma

20 Years of entrepreneurial experience

Nitin Desai MD
Chief Medical officer

20+ Years of healthcare and healthcare IT experience

Sirish Bajpai

15 Years of entrepreneurial experience

Nina Klymenko
Product Management
Eduard Huber
Front-End Development
Hannah Robertson
Digital Marketing 

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